The Lady Driver

We become 16, get a learner’s license and get a scooter. At 18, we enroll in to a driving class and give tests for a permanent license.

The policeman testing me doesn’t approve of my license after considering my gender; The law doesn’t change for me because I’m a woman; and the vehicle doesn’t change in weight or height because I’m petite.

But I’m a lady driver and I must be mocked at. I should be looked at with demeaning eyes when someone hits my car (from whichever side). I will be yelled at with fowl language on the streets while I’m at the driver’s seat. I’m in the wrong, of course I am, because you’re just riding a bike while I’m the fancy lady in the car who doesn’t know how to drive.


If I happen to overtake you unintentionally, you will overtake me intentionally, to “show me my place”. If I have a bigger car, you will call me a spoilt brat, because obviously I had someone buy it for me. It’s just not possible that I would have probably paid it for myself. And it’s okay if that’s how you got your ride.

If I happen to be stuck in a traffic jam, it’s probably because I caused it yo! Not because the bugger in front of me skipped the signal, or someone in still in the yellow junction at the traffic light when it’s green for me.

'See what I mean? - Look how close that woman driver is driving in front of me!'

We drive slowly, we drive rash, we have zero direction sense, we don’t know the difference between green and red, we don’t know to parallel park, we don’t know to reverse park, we don’t have lane sense, we don’t give indicators, we don’t look at rear-view mirrors, we even have bad sense of music. We bump in to vehicles too often… well, maybe cause we love to do that kinda shit. So no excuses there.

Okay? Done? Is that all?

So the other day I accompanied a friend on his car hunt. He opted for a second-hand vehicle and after all that chit chat with the dealer, you know what made my friend finalize on a car?

Seller: Sir, you won’t find a better car at this price, plus it’s a lady driven car. It’s in fantastic condition!

My friend: Really? Doesn’t look like at all! I’m taking it.



One thought on “The Lady Driver

  1. Ha ha …. Yeah have been there done that with two wheels… And on four wheels overseas. Now to get onto four here and see the fun for myself….

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