They robbed me of my peace of mind

June 25
Thursday 3:35 am
Two masked men brake into my house. They sneak through my main metal door, then break the metal latch of the second metal door, open the pad lock on the second and then break my wooden door handles. Mind you, all of this is done in silence.
None of my neighbors have a damn clue of the break in. Not that I’m in very good terms with all of them, for them to wake up if they hear a ring or a dong on my doors past midnight.
The burglars make their way to my room first, as they topple over a few vases here and there on their way. Frantically switched on all the switches in the room but only managed to get the night lamp and the fan working. They’ve opened all the doors and cupboards in the room. They didn’t even leave the draws with my essentials. Forced every bit of clothing there is on to the bedroom floor. Ruffled through all my purses and cases, toiletry cupboard, store closet, shoe closet, book shelf, suitcases, etc etc.. I don’t know if I’ve missed out on anything, there’s just so much on the floor.
Then they make their way to mom’s room and it’s disaster raised to the power n. The Godrej cupboard has been tampered with and finally opened. The locker went through the same drill. Every piece of jewelry useful or not has been spread out on the bed. All her sarees have been taken down. The draws have been turned upside down. Top cabinets have been opened but there’s just so much stuff up there I have no clue what’s missing.
I’ve been informed about the burglary at around 5pm. Unbelievable right!! Well, knowing the kind of neighbors I have, I’m glad I was informed at all.
I reach the building and I see mom in tears confiding in a close friend who lives in the same building. I know now this is worse than what it sounded like over the phone.
I run to the house and see all my doors wide open. I walk to my room and I. Can’t. Believe. It. I’m hysterical screaming my lungs out. I’m angry, scared, upset, violated, confused. We’ve been robbed.

What we lost can be fixed. What can’t be fixed is the mental image of two unknown people standing right here in this very room bringing down our home.



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