Sex. It exists India. Deal with it.

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So Mr. So And So decides that sex education is worthless and must be banned from the Indian Education system, if possible from the Oxford Dictionary too. ‘Yo Westerners, do you hear me? It’s not ‘good’ for us.’

Mr. SAS: Clear your minds dear Indians. Breathe in and breath out. Talk about things that don’t involve private parts and ‘that’ three letter word. Oh wait! This helped? Wow! Then lets learn Yoga instead!

Yeah wonderful.

I have a few questions. No I have many.

If sex education is considered vulgar and inappropriate, isn’t the whole idea of the study supposed to be to remove the vulgarity from the act. It’s not vulgar dude! It’s human nature. It’s legal.

If it’s taboo, then why is it okay to talk and educate people about rape and not sex? Why are you informing small kids about the difference between a bad touch and a good touch. Is that much info enough? Sex is consensual, it’s legal; rape is forced, it’s illegal.

How many parents out there are able to talk to their kids and prepare them mentality and physically before puberty? 2, 3 yeah I thought so. The common perception about puberty for girls: ‘Khoon hi toh nikalta hai, mar toh nahi jayegi na.’ If you as parents can’t talk to your kids, leave it to the teachers, let them do their jobs. Don’t growing children need to know about what’s going on in their body?

Regardless of the fact that education and basic biology has been around since the beginning of time we still torture, torment, discard, abandon, kill the woman if she bares a girl child. Why? If you’re going to stop educating people about the basic fact that the gender of the fetus is decided by the male partners genes, how do you expect people to know that the mother is only the carrier and does not decide the sex of the child?

Half the educated lot even today isn’t aware of STDs. You don’t believe me? Let’s play a game. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is STD? (Not the full-form)
  • What causes an STD?
  • How many types of STDs can occur?
  • How do you prevent it?
  • How are you supposed to treat the problem?

Now refer to the actual answers on the web. Not on wiki how for heaven sake!

So, were you right? I bet none of you knew there were 20 different types of STDs that can be transmitted.

No. The answer is not ‘That’s why we have doctors’. That’s why we need to be educated about it. How can one turn a blind eye to this? This is serious stuff.

No. Don’t. Nahi. Bandh karo. Chod do. Ban kardo. What is this trend of banning everything? I totally agree with Jug Suraya on this. How does banning something solve a situation? When your child is growing up, do you keep him/her away from a swimming pool because he/she may drown, or do you teach him/her swimming so they may survive? Can you ban driving? Well, accidents happen, everyday, all the time, people die… So?

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If banning sex education and porn is okay, why aren’t semi-nude item girls banned from movies? Why do we have films flooded with sassy item songs? How is that okay? Personally, I’m not against these in films, I just find them mundane. But if education is being disrupted in schools, how are we okay with Jaqueline Fernandes stripping for goons on the big screen?

Kid: “Papa, everyone says I was born this way, but how was I born? Where did I come from?”

Dad: Umm.. Hmm.. Aaaa… (Damn! Am I allowed to say it? Will I go to jail? Shite!) “Beta, hmmm.. You fell from the sky.. Yeah. That’s the right answer. Phew! Now go on.”

What more is this fellow going to ban? Co-ed schools? Male gynecologists? Male doctors from delivery rooms? Porn folders named ‘Month-end reports’? Or should I shut up and stop giving them more ideas? 


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