Censor this Shit

I’ve never been much of an abuser and even if I did, say.. once in 10 months, it’d be within closed doors whispered under my breath and I’d feel stupid about it. There have been times when I’d abuse and those around me would be like ‘Whoa! She just said the F word’.
It’s not that I think it’s wrong to abuse or unethical or any thing of that sort, I just think abusing is a way of relieving yourself from some kind of pent up angst for which you can’t find a solution.
But this don’t mean that I dislike those who use abusive language often, each person has their unique way of dealing with anger and disagreements and that’s good in a way.
We hear abusive language around us a little too much these days.. Don’t you think? T.V, Twitter, Songs be it Hindi English or even Tamil for that matter, no one shys from flooding their lyrics with abuses.
Again, it’s a trend and it’s okay. It’s picking up pace, and if you call your best bud ‘That bloody Fucker’, what’s some more abuses in catchy songs? Ahh! No biggie.
But what I find ridiculously foolish and insanely annoying is censoring these words in the English context.
We had songs like Radha likes to move that *beeep* Radha body.
And off late it’s Mauka hai kiss my *beeep* Main ghar nahi Jana.
(Guess the beeep- 5 marks)
These might not exactly be abuses, but you get the drill…
But at the same time, no one’s beeping words like Kaminey, Halkat, Harami, and the likes.
What’s the difference? Don’t they all mean the same thing? Aren’t they demeaning words too?
Half our English speaking society watches English sit coms and tell me which one of us thinks those dialogues make complete sense with a 100 *beeeps* in 20mins?
I know we’ve hit rock bottom when I see words like ‘sleep’ Pants’ ‘wet’ getting *beeeped* oh lord!! What is going on!?!
I don’t know what the ideal thing to be done is, but I know that the mind lives its own life, away from the one the rest of the body lives. You might blind fold your eyes and kill your ear drums to stay away from evil, but you can’t shut your mind.


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