It was my first weekender

I first heard about this year’s nh7 on Twitter (where I find out about practically everything else in the world); read up on the bands (to see if it was worth spending an entire day in Magarpatta); saw Alien Chutney was listed (Oh My Gawwwd!! I love Vir Das); got my tickets (nh7!! Here I come); heard Vir Das fell ill (cried lyk nething); went for nh7 anyway, saw Vir Das on stage (screamed lyk nething).

Papon performing with his troupe at nh7 Pune
Papon performing with his troupe at nh7 Pune

It’s been 2 days since nh7 got done with and trust me when I say this, my brains are still exhausted. I got back home, slept for 24hrs straight and woke up to my entire body throbbing with sweet pain.
I sometimes catch myself head banging to music still playing in my head.

Vir Das' Alien Chutney
Vir Das’ Alien Chutney

I finally saw what this whole cult is about and why it’s all people talk about at this time of the year. I’ve not been a huge fan of the indie music scene and neither do I follow it, but I rest my case now. I’m surprised as to how much I’m missing out on.
I remember watching Pentagram in its initial days, and who knew these guys were going to one day become heroes of Indian rock bands.

People dressed like pretty angels and those men on magazine covers… everyone was there for a bucketful of fun, love and passion for music.
I danced, jumped, sang, laughed and felt the joy of the people around me and left the lawns with a smile, aching legs and a sore throat. But I’m not complaining.


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