Not a movie review

Before I go watch a movie, I generally consult a couple of movie buffs I know, But considering the amount of hype this film’s been making since its inception, I didn’t quite think twice and dragged mum along.

I wish I could say I loved the movie, but sadly I can’t.

No. Farhan Akhtar is good. Better than excellent if exists. The story jumps but still comprehend-able. The side actors did their job well brought out the right emotions.

But thanks to the 300-odd people sitting in the theater with us, I have to say I couldn’t help but wait for the movie to finish and storm out.


As a nation, we’ve recently overcome certain unfortunate incidences and we’re as a progressive country developing the courage to talk openly about issues involving sex.
But I am made to feel that these same minds are the ones making ridiculously shameful comments when a semi nude couple is shown on screen doing nothing – may be just holding hands for crying out loud.

I wish; I wish from the bottom of my heart that I could do more than give the guy sitting behind me a dirty look- which if some of you don’t get what it means signals ‘Shut The Fuck Up or Get Out Of the Screen Now’, and send a stinker to the guy near me giggling with his girlfriend about how apparently the nick name ‘Milkhu’ is shitty and so no one in the world should have a loving family, clearly the giggly guy doesn’t.

Didn’t these recent protests have men fighting for women and their rights and safety and god knows what not? I knew something sounded strange about that; and now I know.
All the giggling and hateful comments and sexist “jokes” said.. no sorry.. yelled out during the movie were all by men only.

I’m sorry. No matter how great a movie is, I refuse go watch it in the first three weeks of its release in the presence of hooligans.


One thought on “Not a movie review

  1. yeah its not about the movie that you have written about …… agree to your views … but its gonna take eons before our general public can appreciate the small niceties on screen !!!! the “MINDSET” hasn’t changed ……. and will only change when people stop looking at women as someone’s daughter, someone’s wife, someone’s sister, someone’s mother etc …. and starts looking at her as SOMEONE …. period. !!

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