Oh! To let go

Goodbye. It’s got to be the hardest word in the English accord. It means leaving behind something you want, letting go of memories you cherish, giving up on someone you want to hold on to a little longer or moving to a new city and having to bid adieu to the one you’re attached to.

An oxymoron, or just something that makes you feel like a moron; there’s just nothing ‘Good’ about it. ‘But unless you don’t experience it, how do you know what else is in store for you?’ Yep, every time someone says this to me, I want to One Tight Slap them.

Some look at goodbyes with a positive approach (and I’m still in search of these people), and on the other hand there’s me. Very happy and concise in her cocoon, detached from feelings, emotions and everything else that might be a potential needle to her bubble.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve had to deal with more than my share of goodbyes. That mobile you bought with your first salary, that laptop you earned for yourself and spent a bomb on getting it fixed every month, that cute guy you’ve been hovering around like an invisible cuckoo or that beautiful city you’ve been wanting to call home.

How long have you been emotionally linked to those feelings for it to matter so much? There ain’t no substance there. But it’s not the past that’s tormenting you; it’s the fact that you can’t seem to experience that again.



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