Truth vs optimisim

All my life my parents never really involved themselves in my relationships, and like any other normal South Indian, super cosseted parents, they live in denial about the fact that I have dated guys in the past. And so it would be fair to say that I hadn’t the faintest idea of how they would react to my involvement with someone. But only until recently, when they introduced me to someone as a ‘prospective groom’.

Well, at first I really couldn’t comprehend how I wanted to go about interacting with someone who’s name I only just happened to find out, leave aside speaking to his family. But as the days passed and we got to speaking a lot more, I realised this is nothing more than arranged dating! Well now how convenient is that huh?

We kinda hit it off pretty well and shared the same wavelength. Mind you certain late night conversations can be a real spiller! Well, for I know I keep an arm’s length from new faces. This was something new, refreshingly insightful. Opening up to someone you don’t know, not something I’ve done before.

Won’t set my hopes too high, cause every ‘hello’ ends with a ‘goodbye’

Well, then why did I do it? I don’t know.

They say go with the flow.. but what if you want to hold back a little? Re-live those late night conversations where you spill the beans about your past?

Here’s where a dear friend of mine would say, don’t get your hopes onto something you don’t know exists. But what if I want to? Is that bad? You really never know now, do you?

Some wise man once said, ‘ Our biggest quest is the Truth, yet we fear those who show it to us.’


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