All these months, I’ve patiently heard and watched my friends rant nonstop about how awesome Starbucks is. “The coffee is so damn good dude, it explodes in my mouth.” Yup. That’s exactly what he said. I kinda threw up a little in my mouth when I heard that.

Well.. I don’t blame him or the others who queued up outside the store and stood there for hours together just to taste this mind numbingly disgusting coffee-like something. I mean, seriously, for a person in who’s house filter-coffee is made three times a day, this is like drinking sewage.


Come home, my amma will make filter kappi for you, and won’t even give you an exorbitant bill, which when you look at go like *Oh My God! I didn’t even like the stupid coffee* but succumb to peer pressure and don’t say anything.


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  1. I think coffee is the perfect combination of milk, water, sugar and coffee beans/ powder.
    I feel that every individual has his/her sense of taste.

    Some of us prefer 2 spoons of sugar, while some prefer 1. Some of us prefer less coffee powder while some others might prefer more (dark coffee).

    I suggest you to make a cup of coffee with your own hands, as per your sense of taste and offer it to your friend. He will forget Starbucks for sure!

  2. Btw I wish to share a story about an incident related to ‘cup of coffee’. This happened with me in 2011, while I was working for a British call center. PL click on the link-

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