We mend tradition to suit ourself

She was dull. She was blank and she hadn’t spoken a word all evening. She was as lifeless as a mannequin. But she was the bride, the most beautiful woman in the lawn. Draped in golden and red silk; enhancing her light complexion and jet black hair tied up with glittery beads, she caught the attention of everyone around her. But how were we to know that none of it mattered to her at that point.

It was a wedding beyond imagination. Crowds gathered like it was a mini carnival, music, dance and beautifully dressed people in every corner and I just couldn’t help notice the most important woman in the room as she stood there with no expression. None whatsoever. I almost spent all evening trying to figure out her expressionless face. Why was she not smiling? Was she not happy? Was all the glamour and glitter too much for her? Or was it the groom? It would have been a difficult one for her to answer at that time.Image

Her marriage lasted for 3 months.

Since then, I have always asked myself: if we get legal rights to choose who runs our country at the age of 18, why is it that we are not allowed to choose our own life partners. No my blog is not about marriage, it’s about trust and happiness, it’s about letting people do what they think is right for them and not stand in their way only because we never did it that way.

But no one’s seen the future so we don’t get to decide what’s good and what’s not.


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