Furry Friends

Kittens have been a part of my life since forever, for I guess we’ve housed generations of cats in our home since my mum was in school.

Caramel, Perky, Bounty

So I thought, while the tiniest of them all naps on my lap, why not dedicate my next blog to all the furry friends I’ve had through the years..?

At one point in time, there were almost 5-6 of these four-legged cutie pies running all over the house and one can take my word on this that housing pet cats is one of the best ways to keep yourself occupied and your mind stress free. Cleanliness freaks, you could call them, are the only babies I can ever like. Their favourite or rather only past time is to play and amongst all the jumping and running you’re sure to lose count of time.


Billie Jean

They love to hide behind things until you find them and any attractive string or ribbon makes them so agitated that they want to tear it apart.

When it comes to their food, kittens more or less feed only on the mother’s milk, but if you’ve found a stray one, milk should do but not recommended after 2 months of age. Bigger cats get a little fussy about food so consult a vet for the best protein and well-balanced diet available. If your cat is an outdoor cat, then you don’t have to pay much attention to feeding it. They usually find themselves something outside like small birds and rats. If your cat is a house cat, then people food is a safe and healthy option while on the other hand you can opt for canned food but make sure it is relatively fresh and not given raw.

I love giving my cats fancy names. From chocolates and liqueur to celebs and spices, we’ve had all the types. And to my surprise they respond so well, just like little kids..


Smoky’s all cozy in my brother’s arms

Lastly, pet care also involves regular health check ups and timely vaccinations. Maintain a booklet to avoid delays and trouble.


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