The big Twenty something…

As the days pass by and I get closer to the one day that’s supposed to pamper you and make you feel like the ‘only girl in the world’ I seem to be hiding myself from light, faces, voices…

I kept asking myself- is this the first time ever where I’m absolutely not looking forward to my birthday? I think I know so when my dad asks me ‘What are your plans for *****day’, and I freeze for a few seconds wondering- what about *****day??

I thought about it as much as I could work my grey cells and guess what it’s because I’m one step closer to being introduced to a bunch of dodos (apparently they’re rampant in certain Iyer families) I never knew existed.

Recently at my younger cousin’s wedding more people were interested in knowing when I was going to tie the knot than wanting to wish the newlyweds. That just makes me wonder how many dodos are out there with bride hungry mummies. Leave aside the younger generation, the oldies who have no more children to display and no teeth to help them speak tend to poke their noses a little too much trying very hard to voice their tongues into other business. Don’t you think? Well, if only there was a nicer way to say this to you Pinocchios, you won’t live to see my wedding, because it’s certainly not happening anytime soon.

 Why is it that we have to get girls married as soon as possible? What is with this paraphernalia? Why can’t people just let be and let time take it’s course? Why does your neighbours’ opinion matter more than yours or your child’s? And for the last one, who’s getting married, you? The toothless gossip queen? Or your daughter?


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